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Investor Relations

Tiger Lifescience is commercializing unique and potentially disruptive platform technology to address hospital acquired infections (HAI) for a broad spectrum of applications ranging from CRBSI (Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections) , neonatal umbilicus care, laparoscopic port closure, surgical skin incisions, etc. Our series of devices are applicable in cancer chemotherapy PICC care, intensive unit central venous catheter monitoring, post-surgical care, and hemodialysis. 

Founded in 2010,TEEC Angel Fund (TAF) is a Silicon Valley based super angel fund operated by a team of veteran entrepreneurs or executives with deep investment experience. Within the ecosystem of a hundred portfolio CEOs, Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC) networks, elite accelerators, and top-notch universities, TAF support tomorrow’s star companies. 

With $30 million under management, TAF makes initial investment commitments at the seed stage and continues to support its portfolio companies through multiple investment rounds. 

Facts about TAF:

8000 Cases Reviewed

120+ Startups Invested with 350M+ Raised

800 Sunday Pitch Meetings

5 Annual Startup Contests Hosted

For more information, please visit the website 

Entropy Capital is a world-wide asset management company including venture capital, private equity, and secondary market investment. Its Trend Investment Group focuses on early-stage investment (angel and series A) in US, Europe, and China. The total asset under Entropy's management is $ 2bn.

For more information, please visit the website

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